Plenty of students are unaware of the essential things that you need to pack when going to university. Many of them are unaware of the things that can help them out at university, whether that be to help alleviate the boredom or something that can add to their inventory and offer them some exam revision tips along the way, so see what we’ve picked out, below:

Your documentation is one for the most important elements of the whole university process. You’ll need these if you want to sign up for a new doctor in your city, or even if you’re just looking for some form of ID to use when trying to get in one of the best nightclubs. The documentation that you bring does need to be very heavily protected however, and many people have said that the best thing for you to do is to take a photocopy of your passport, if that’s what you’re bringing, and then keep that one with you at all times. Your driver’s license might be a different story however as you’ll no doubt want to use that over a passport, and most clubs or pubs will insist on seeing the real thing rather than a photocopy.

Medication is something that almost all students completely forget to bring with them when they eventually start university. Medication can obviously be brought in your new city, however, many drugs, like antidepressants and the like can only be obtained with prior doctor approval and can only be bought with a written note or prescription for your doctor. You cannot just buy some of these drugs in the new city that you find yourself in, so you’ll have to think about the drugs that you need or the things that will get you through the university life, so make sure that you’ve packed what you need in advance and pack enough to get you through the school year and not more or less.

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Bedding is another often-overlooked but essential item in a student’s arsenal. With bedding however, it needs to be washed every two or three weeks and has to be looked after. The time before you go home for half-term or for Christmas or summer will be a long time, and going with smelly bed sheets is only going to make things worse for you, so make sure that you have enough bedding with you to make your year at university good and relatively smell-free! Also, learning how to wash bedsheets or anything else would probably be a good life skill for you too.

Colour Printer:

The colour printer is a weird one for people, especially since most essays or any assignments are generally done on your laptop or computer and then sent to your teacher or uploaded onto a learning platform, but there is an awful lot of use for a colour printer. Sometimes lectures like to throw a curveball (Seemingly for their own amusement) of wanting the essay physically in front of them. Sometimes most people like to print off their revision notes and any images or diagrams that can in some way help them with their revision. In fact with things like a Maths degree, there is a lot more revision and more things to be printed off than one might actually think as well.

Make sure that you’re taking the time to think about the essentials that you’re going to be packing, you need to focus on the essentials that are going to help you and no the ones that are there for a sake of convenience. Also, don’t go spending too much money on the things that you need, try and keep an eye on your budget by looking up some student budgeting tips or look at some loyalty cards and sign-ups to save students money.