If you are not satisfied with your performance in CBSE 12th board exams or with your score in a particular paper, you don’t have to worry at all. CBSE gives you the opportunity to take the test again and perform better. This is also a good chance for JEE aspirants who were not qualified because of having less than 75% in their board exam. You can take the CBSE Improvement Exam in the following year and improve your score.

If you are appearing for Improvement Exam because of JEE rules, you can take JEE Advanced mock tests too during your preparation and improve yourself.

Here is everything that you need to know about CBSE Improvement Exam:

  1. You can appear for Improvement Exam only if you have passed in the respective subjects.
  2. You can take CBSE Improvement Exam for one or more subjects. It is better to take improvement exam for all the five subjects.
  3. You cannot take Improvement Exam for Additional papers.
  4. You cannot take Improvement Exam for Practicals. You will have to prepare only for the theory. Practical examination marks will be carried forward.
  5. Improvement Exams are conducted in the following year.
  6. You can take Improvement Exam only once.
  7. Improvement Exams are conducted on the same day as the regular CBSE exams. The question paper is same too.
  8. CBSE Improvement Exam forms are made available in the month of July-August. You can collect it from Syndicate Bank branches or CBSE Regional Offices.
  9. You can also download the form from CBSE official website and send the filled up form via post.
  10. You can also apply for the exam online.
  11. CBSE issues a statement of marks after you have cleared the Improvement Exam.
  12. If your score is less in the Improvement Exam, your previous marks will be considered.
  13. The improvement mark sheet is different than regular mark sheet. But even if you have two mark sheets with you, and you have to produce both of them, it is fine since only the best scores of the two will be considered.

CBSE Improvement Exam preparation should be easy for you since you now know where you are lagging behind and what mistakes you did in your first attempt. You can improve upon those areas by working on them. CBSE Class 12 study materials can help you in your preparation. Regular practice and revision is a must if you want to score better in the improvement exam.