Digital Videos are in vogue nowadays. Be it the personal or professional purpose digital videography is very dominant in society as of now. Be it a social function, gathering, wedding or advertising, content marketing; everywhere digital video is a big-league.

Increased Preference of Digital Video Camera:

Digital Video Camera is of higher preference because the role of Digital Video for marketing purposes is widely increased due to following reasons:

  • Most of the companies now chose web marketing through video content as an essential part for advertising.
  • In a survey, advertisers report that digital video is the foremost requirement of customers.
  • Digital videos are easiest way to reach targeted audience and hence boosts the company’s profit margin and helps in development of the firm.
  • The content on websites if available in the form of videos then, they are displayed upfront in search engines then the usual text containing sites.Image result for 42nd STREET PHOTO DIGITAL VIDEO

42nd Street Photo Digital Video:

42nd STREET PHOTO provides you with huge variety of options to fulfil your digital video recording requirements by displaying all kinds of products that can best fit the quality and budget.

Some of the latest and most demanded models of Digital Video Camera available on the store are:

  • Panasonic HDC – TM20K HD CAMCORDER (16 GB):

  1. The video camera is provided with all the excellent features in a very economic range.
  2. It is provided with optical zooming technique Up To 16x. Importantly the clarity of image is maintained and not distorted while zoom in is used.
  3. The Camcorder is provided with two best technologies i.e. iA (intelligent auto) and OIS technology.
  4. The iA technology if set to the on mode then the settings are done automatically to record the video with best quality.
  5. The OIS technique enables distortion and blurs free images in case the hand of videographer shakes while shooting.
  6. This is the best option for shooting in home environment.


Almost all the digital cameras available in the market at present comes with video capturing option along with point and shoot cameras but the rarest of SLR is provided with the facility. The key advantage of SLR is finest image capturing.

     Nikon has recently launched a new model that is capable of recording high definition videos in addition to point and shoot cameras.

This model of Nikon is different from others because it avails you with the facility of not only capturing the videos but also sharing it in a better way and at high resolution.

The high definition video capturing along with sound with all the quality settings is advisable to be limited to small time duration, let’s say about 5 to 25 minutes. Extended use can cause the heating of the device. It is available for $1000, with surplus charges if the additional lens is also implemented.

42nd Street Photo can help the user with complete guidance regarding the choice of Digital Video Camera and Recorder. Most of the important information is already available on its official website