While site design is important, the user experience is even more important. If you are not that familiar with how to make this happen, you should see and hire services for user experience design Sydney from Polished Pixels and ask them for help if needed. Remember, a good user experience is a big part of a great website, and without it, your site will not be successful.

There are some things that people seem to repeat when they are trying to create great user experience for their website, and for you not to create the same mistakes, we made a list. Below you will see all the most common mistakes that can make your website become terrible, so pay attention.

Create a plan and a schedule and follow it all the way through

  1. Paying too much attention to the Macro

The huge decisions about the layout that you make are important, but it is all the small interactions that can ruin that experience for the users. It does not matter if you have a great site for shopping, with great usability for the users when they are trying to put things in the cart and browse, if the payment method is a pain.

  1. Design everything equally

Designers tend to put too much effort in designing the homepage, while they neglect the rest of the website. If you visit a site that looks good, you’d expect the rest of it to look nice as well. So make sure that you do not waste too much time on designing one part of the site if you do not indent to finish the job; visit https://www.polishedpixels.com.au for help.

  1. Relying too much on text

What is the first thing that you want to tell your customers and how do you want to do it? There is nothing wrong with writing about your site on the homepage, but there is everything wrong with overwriting it. This means that you should only write things that are important and that might interest your customers, and leave out all the unnecessary parts.

  1. Design for the wrong generation

Before you start designing your site you need to know who your audience is, because that matters more than you’d think. A research has shown that there are big generational differences when it comes to what we expect to see and how we use our technology. This is why you first need to meet the audience your site is made for, and understand what they are looking for.

                                                   Create an app for different devices

  1. Different versions

You need to understand that not everyone browses the internet from their PC or laptop, and not everyone has the option to. Today, almost everyone owns a Smartphone, and that is why you need to make your website approachable from multiple devices. Do not just get stuck on the Desktop version!

This can sometimes be challenging if the site you created is made mostly for the elderly because it is a known fact that they do not understand the technology as well as the ones who grew up with it. But you still need to make that extra effort and create something that they will enjoy using.

Final word

While these are not all the possible mistakes you can make, obviously, it is a start. Go over this list before you decide to create a website by yourself, and keep in mind that if you are not that skilled or you do not have the experience needed, it is always a safer bet to ask a professional to help!