The increasing use of video conferencing, video conferencing camera played an important effect, can not be ignored hardware equipment. So, how does the video conferencing camera choose?

In the tide of information under the guidance of the use of video conferencing increasingly widely used, there has been a simple application of the field of expertise extended to a broader consumer shopping malls. In a complete video conferencing system, the use of conference cameras directly determine the quality of the meeting.

However, as a professional product, the general public on the conference camera understanding is limited, so most users not only on the choice of products feel at a loss, some common questions is helpless. Hope that the following is the Swiss as the Hengtong analysis of the difficulties of customers can be inspired.

In general, what kind of conference camera to choose according to the specific use of the situation to be set, for example: “video conference should not be the whole venue intake? Do you want to close the speaker? Standard definition or high-definition? Do you want to lift? “These in the purchase of video conferencing camera is a need to consider the issue, can not be ignored.

These basic needs to be determined after the comparison price, appearance, performance parameters. Can be from the next parameter on the video conferencing system terminal configuration camera to investigate. The main factors are: 1. Pixel 2. Lens 3. Interface 4. Resolution 5. Transmission speed.

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