The best time for a child is when he comes to know that his summer holidays are about to start. This 8-10 weeks long period gives him enough time to finish all the books he had been reading, the movies he has to watch and the games he had to finish. In case you have a school going kid at home, you’ll also understand how crazy he might be for the upcoming summer holidays. As a parent, it might be a pleasant sight for you to see your child doing all this, but at the same time, you need to make sure that he doesn’t end up wasting these two precious months of his life. For this, you may have to go out of your comfort zone and do something to make a difference in is life. Here is how you can do it-

Make Him Join A Summer Camp

The best way to give your child a mission during the upcoming summer holidays is by making him join a summer camp. What you can do is collect information about the best summer camps in New England and selects the one that’s closest to your house. Since you may not be able to pick and drop him on a daily basis, proximity of the summer camp will come in handy when you are away from home. Do it right away and feel the difference it can bring in your child’s life.

The moment your child joins a summer camp, he gets a fixed routine from morning to evening. During this time, he may not have to involve in academic tasks so there is no point he will get bored. Instead, he can use this time to participate in different sports activities, team sports, indoor games, creative workshops, etc. to take home a lot of learnings. Overall, this two-month long duration will teach your child a lot of things that he might not be able to learn during his routine school hours. So, don’t miss out making him join a summer camp this time.

Keep in mind these points to ensure that his summer holidays are used effectively.