What are your New Year’s resolutions? If having more confidence and earning more money are on your list, why not try height insoles? Studies have shown that taller people exhibit more self-esteem, and are generally viewed as leaders. In fact, according to the Journal of Applied Psychology (Vol. 89, No. 3), for every inch taller a person is above the average height, their earning potential may increase up to $789/year. Height insoles may give you that additional lift you need to improve your confidence and give you that extra edge you desire in the workplace and/or in social situations.

Shoe lifts can:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Increase your earnings potential
  • Make you look more attractive
  • Help you to radiate authority and be looked upon as a leader

When choosing your shoe lifts keep in mind that not all mens height insoles are created equally. It is best to opt for a multi-layered design that incorporates a silicone gel layer, which acts as a shock absorber, combined with a solid foundational layer constructed from a rigid material that will hold the foot in place. In addition, a third layer, consisting of memory foam should be incorporated in order to contour and form to each unique foot. Overall, such a design will ensure that support is distributed properly along the heels and arches of your feet, cradling them in comfort. Your feet should feel secure and comfortable, providing a natural foot strike and helping to further boost your confidence. In addition, you want your shoe lifts to be discreet, and easy to fit into your shoes. There are a many height increasing products on the market. Therefore, keep in mind the three most important things to look for when shopping for shoe lifts:

  1. Rigid material foundation for stability
  2. Gel layer for shock absorption
  3. Memory foam to contour to your foot shape

In addition to making you appear taller, and along with all the other benefits stated above, there are several important health related benefits to be gained from properly designed shoe lifts. For example, they can improve your stride, by supporting your knees, joints and ankles, all while providing back support. In short, these are benefits you won’t receive from traditional pumps, elevator shoes or poorly designed height inserts. Please be kind to your body and choose your insoles or shoe lifts wisely.

Good luck in the New Year, may you find the joy and success you deserve. It is a New Year and time for a new you!