Pickle ball is one of the easiest, simple but at the same time entertaining and funny game. This is a type of game in which you get a feel of tennis, table tennis and badminton at the same time because the game play is very much similar to tennis, equipments used in the game are similar to table tennis and court used in this game is almost the size of badminton court. The best part of this game is that it can be played by everyone because of its fair rules that give advantage to even the weakest player against the strongest player. This is a very in expensive game and you need only few equipments to play the game. In order to purchase the equipment of pickle ball you can visit and purchase from the given link www.wolfesports.com/collections/pickleball-equipment-bundles.

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Types of equipment use in pickle ball

Paddles – this is one of the most important equipments of the pickle ball game. During recent years there is a very drastic changes has been seen in the design of the paddle and now paddles are available in very great and wide variety. Most used material in the paddle is graphite and composite and both are consider as ideal for the paddle.

Wiffle balls – these balls can be of many types such as –

  • Cosom- if you are playing indoors then this ball is suitable for you otherwise not because it is very light weight and easily get influenced by the wind.
  • Jugs – this is the most perfect ball for this game and used in the international games as well. This ball is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor.

Shoes – proper shoes are also required in the game of pickle ball. Always make sure that you buy the shoes that are suitable for the court sports and that perfectly fit in your feet.