The use of steel took the upscale ride since the industrial revolution which made the production of large amounts of steel a lot easier than the previous times. Ever since then, the requirement for steel has not seen any decrease and so hasn’t’ the demand for it.

Various grades of steel

Steel can be divided in several heads on the basis of its composition, properties and applications. Steel manufacturers in Dubai generally grade the metal into the categories of carbon steel. This is the most widely accepted classification as it takes in account the most important properties like hardness and machinability.

Low Carbon Steel:

  • ✓ This is the softest variety of steel.
  • ✓ It has the carbon content in the range of 0.04-0.30 % as the alloying element.
  • ✓ Iron is the main constituent of the composition and other elements like manganese and chromium are added in order to attain the specific properties.
  • ✓ This is easiest to machine as the hardness grade of this type of steel is lower than the rest.
  • ✓ This is the cheapest grade of carbon steel.
  • Mild Carbon Steel:
  • ✓ While iron still remains the major constituent, the concentration of carbon and other alloying elements make the grade different from low carbon steel.
  • ✓ Carbon is used in the concentration ranging between 0.31 % and 0.60 %; this increased concentration of carbon is instrumental in improvising the hardness quotient of this grade.
  • ✓ Manganese is predominantly added in this grade of steel in the concentration range of 0.06% to 1.64 %.
  • ✓ This grade is stronger and harder than low carbon steel. It is the most useful grade of steel and finds extensive use in domestic as well as commercial applications.
  • ✓ With the addition of several other elements like Aluminium and nickel, this grade of steel is used in applications like home appliances, utensils as well as automobile body parts.
  • High Carbon Steel:
  • ✓ This grade is generally referred as carbon tool steel.
  • ✓ The carbon content in this grade ranges between 0.61 % and 1.50 %. It has the highest carbon content amongst all grades of carbon steel and therefore is the hardest as well.
  • ✓ It is used for making tools for machining of all grades of steel.
  • ✓ The flexibility of this grade of steel is the minimum and once heat treated, it becomes all the more hard and brittle.
  • ✓ This is the most expensive grade of carbon steel.

The high levels of development in the material science genres have made sure that every application related aspect is covered in development of the materials. Steel is amongst the most used materials throughout the different domains, thus it is no big deal that most of the developmental steps are taken in improving its quality. Steel manufacturers in Dubai have understood the changing requirements of the clients and the markets and therefore have ensured to keep coming out with the most suitable options according to the variables like cost efficiency and material properties.

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Zayn Steel is amongst the most well established steel manufacturers in Dubai. It is credited extensively for the improvement in the quality of steel available in the market by improvising the material properties through experimentations.