Are you planning to start a courier service sooner or later? Or else I f you are just enjoying the services of sending your parcels to other side of country. Wondering how these courier services works. Then, you should know about the process it follows. There are various types of Courier Company which operates nationally and internationally. Further there are preferences by which you need to categorize their services like I f you want to deliver a parcel within a country; it will cost you less as comparatively sending it across borders. Like I f you resides in Italy, either you can go for parcel to Sweden cost which is more than sending parcel within Italy cost. So, the region changes the category so the functionality and process also. Other factors you can look that affect the functioning, categorization and working process of Courier Company.

Factors reflecting the differentiation in process and categorization of courier services

 Apart from the range of the region on which you are practicing the delivery services, there is urgency or time factor as in how much time it will suppose to reach. Some parcels are urgent enough as it should be reached within 2-3 days only. The priority of Courier Company to different parcels is not same as every parcel put into category of its priority. There are also some parcels which are next day international courier system where it is suppose to reach next day across the border and thus prioritized over other parcels and so the function and process changes for the delivery of those kinds. The mode of transport also changes along as opting for more fast method of sending parcels abroad. The third factor which affects the functionality and process is the nature of the parcel which is needed to be sent. The fragile, easily breakable and cautious items are sending as a different category within some set of precautions taken with it.

So this all make you know:  All this contrast of factors affecting the process and working of courier services according to parcels is something you should look out. The basic three factors are

  • Area of operation: the palace or range within where you are delivering which determine your process of delivery as varying of transport, cost etc.
  • Time /priority: the factor of time limitation as when it is suppose to be reached, it is overnight delivery, urgent delivery, speed post etc which changes categorize it.
  • Type of parcel: nature, structure and other physicality of parcel changes the transportation approach.