There is no running away from the fact that pests are visible all around us and pose a major hazard to our health. The level of damage might vary, but each pest has the ability to cause some or other hindrance in the regular functioning of the systems put in place.

Dubai is unarguably one of the most sophisticated and high profile cities of the world. It houses so much power in respect of business as well as the political world that it is almost unimaginable to halt the proceedings here; and more so due to some pests. Therefore the requirement for pest control in Dubai is self explanatory.

Types of pest control in Dubai

The pest species have evolved along with all the other species on the planet. They have largely grown resistant to any of the older methods of control and thus require more sophisticated methods of handling. Let us have a look at the most prominent types of pest control that could be used as measure for the contemporary times to get rid of the pest menace.

  • Non chemical pest control:

This method involves the usage of traps and other mechanical equipments in order to catch the rodents and dispose them. This is usually useful for the larger pests like rats and mice as making traps for the smaller pests like ants becomes impractical.

Some methods like using the fly swatter and the electric mesh can be used in order to get the smaller pests. This method is generally a pre taken procedure before the chemical pest control takes place. While it can help in getting rid of the pest already there, it offers limited usability in ensuring that the infestation does not takes place again.

  • Chemical pest control:

The use of pesticides is the most prominent method of pest control. This involves the usage of chemicals in the suspected breeding places of the pests and eliminating them. The pests tend to evolve gradually to get resistant of the chemicals and thus there is always the requirement for more concentrated and potent chemical solutions for pest control.

  • Biological pest control:

This is by far the most ancient and indigenous method of pest control. It involves the introduction of unfavourable conditions for the pests. These practices usually involve the petting of the natural enemies of the pests; like mongoose for snakes and cats for rats and mice. This method goes back to the times of the ancient Egyptians who had cats and ferrets as pets to help them handle the menace of mice. This method has limited usability as not all animals are pet-worthy.

Pest control is one of the things, in which the usage of method is generally not a problem till it doesn’t hinder the natural lifestyle of the humans and friendly species. Not all methods are effective at all places and thus not all find favourability at all places. One shall carefully choose the method for pest control in Dubai in order to ensure that the pests do not get to destroy the hard developed scheme of things.

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