Many companies decide to have several items in their daily uniform. Certain colors, certain logos and most of the cases ID cards in a visible place. They can be a little boring if the company didn’t give too much thought to it but it does not have to be like this all the time. ID cards offer an opportunity to every employee to belong to a greater group, to feel represented and also to be standing for a name and a brand behind that ID card.

There are, however, a few things that can take ID cards to the next level:

  1. Intelligent codes

Having a barcode or a QR intelligent code can give your ID card the opportunity to store more information that the one displayed in the plastic that hangs from your neck. The type of information will vary according to what your company does and also what you want to achieve with the use of the cards. It can have a register of every time the employee uses a specific door in the building, or what time did this person arrive at work during the week. The data that could take hours to be gathered through more traditional methods can be automatically stored directly on the employee’s card.

  1. Security features

Nowadays it is very easy to print some low budget ID cards, and this is something that can pose a threat to the safety of our employees and other personnel. Having security features in your IDs can strengthen the safety walls there are protecting your company. It may be more expensive to produce, but it will definitively be worth it. Especially if you work with costly items that need reliable people working around.

  1. 3D information

In some cases, there is extra information contained in a 3D code that can only be noticed when paying extra attention. This can be used to prove the identity of the bearer and also to select certain IDs as having especial benefits, such as gym fees, movie tickets r something alike.

  1. Creative lanyards:

Having a nice plastic is one of the most important things, and next, you have the type of lanyard that is going to be used. There is the chance of having services like lanyards next day delivery UK and start wearing them immediately. Choosing between colored and printed can be a feature every employee decides to give each one a voice for creativity.

  1. Chip inserted

Having a chip in the ID card can give the employee the opportunity of using it as a debit card when it is associated with some bank or financial institution. It can also be used as a memory card for specific devices so that the employee can file work documents in his or her card. Chips tend to go weary with the time but they can also be restored, and the information can be retrieved easily if the correct care measures are taken.

These are some of the items that can help ID cards be something more than just a piece of plastic with a pretty face printed on it. The “only picture and name” Id is something of the past since we need to know more the employees of our company, they may have social and economic needs we didn’t know, and that can be introduced into their cards by a simple social survey.

To wear or not to wear?

Even though it is pretty clear how many advantages ID cards have, it is still unbelievable the number of people that go on a crusade against cards. They say it I not necessary to expose your name to everyone who would like to take a look; it is a conception of privacy that may put at risk other people working in the same place.

This is why most companies have decided to set it as an obligatory rule within the premises. These companies just don’t want to take the risks of having people without identification walking around the building.

Just like it happens with uniforms, when we are young, we don’t want them, but once we have grown and we realize the advantages outnumber the disadvantages, there is no fight to continue fighting.