If you are a business in California and plan to sell tangible goods- which are any goods or services that are subject to sales tax- you are required to have a permit to do so. A seller’s permit is also referred to as a wholesale license, a resale license, or a sales permit. Obtaining a sales permit can be a hassle- requiring time, energy and often, a slew of paperwork on behalf of the business owner(s). If you make a mistake, there’s the frustration of having to make the necessary corrections and refile for the permit or license.

To avoid the tedium of processing all the licensing paperwork, many business owners turn to a third-party corporation to file the application on their behalf. One of the biggest companies that files the highest rate of licensing applications in California is Sellerpermits.biz.

About SellerPermits.biz

Sellerpermits.biz is a privately-owned license and permit filing service that helps ease the frustration of a business in applying for a license. We do this by insuring that the application process is followed properly- and filed quickly and efficiently. Sellerpermits.biz is not a government agency and we do not approve or distribute your business license. The necessary documents to file for your permit or license are obtained by you- and filed by us on your behalf. We will help by:

  • Ordering the permit directly through your district office
  • Thoroughly checking each application to insure they are correct, not missing information and free of errors
  • Expediting orders through the state agency

We offer encrypted and secure payments for our consumers, are BBB accredited as a filing service and verified through Authorize.net to assure your sensitive information remains secure always. Our services are affordable and reliable.

What do I need to get started?

It’s easy to begin the process to get your license through Sellerpermits.biz and it can all be done quickly online. To begin expediting your application, we require the following information about your business:

  • Business entity type
  • Business name
  • Driver license number for owner or officer
  • Business address and phone number
  • Social security number or business EIN
  • Projected monthly sales

Once we have that information, we can file the application on your behalf and answer any questions that you may have. If you run into any problems, we have a support staff that will respond to open tickets quickly and thoroughly. We stand behind what we do, which is why we are the only online filing service that is accredited by the BBB. Contact us today to learn more!