With the growth of availability and preferably of used cars, here are some tips that will help you zero in on your desired car at the best price.

Buying Cheap Old Cars for Sale

1) Plan your budget. Take your time to Buy second hand toyota innova and do not run into any hasty decision because it not only includes car price, but also tax, insurance and registration.

2) Note down your desired features in your car and also the required size of the car, advisably dependent on your family size.

3) You can find old cars for sale from classifieds, online websites or from your local dealer. If you want to buy from a dealer, leave your contact number with him to notify you when your desired model is available.

4) Irrespective of the age of the vehicle, you MUST take it for a test drive. Get it checked by your mechanic. Also, ensure that it has a warranty and that it’s included in the contract.

How to Negotiate for a good deal?

1) Find out the current price of the original car and use the Kelly Blue Book to find out the correct resale price. This will help you get an idea about how much you can negotiate.

2) Begin with a low offer but be willing to rise it up. Learn to make counteroffers as well.

3) Point out any faulty parts, dents and also check the car history for repairs. This affects the car price as well.

4) Keep making offers unless you decide on a good price. To make the sale legitimate, make sure you have two documents: 
a) The odometer statement stating the car’s mileage.
b) The car title certificate.

5) Talk to the local motor vehicle department before making the purchase. Most of the states require the seller to report of the car sale and they may often demand for smog documents and other papers.

Buying Private Cars for Sale

Even while buying your car from a private seller, there are a few things you should keep in mind:
1) Plan a budget as usual. This will also help you in negotiating the deal.

2) The car should be checked by your mechanic and it’s completely normal to do so.

3) Most private sellers prefer receiving payment in cash.