Identity theft is a crime, in which the personal details of any victim stolen and may use for fraud works. There is almost one person in three who has faced identity theft. It is very important to save your data with identity protection. Today’s cyber crime is increasing day by day so keep safe your id, passwords etc with No identity theft.

  • How to save your personal details:

Your personal details should not be publishing, keep safe your personal details like driving license, insurance details, don’t open your mail on stranger or others laptop. In No identity theft use a different password for different id. You should not give your more information on social network sites. Choose any company from identity theft and safe your personal information from identity theft.

  • Identity theft and protection:

There are many companies which provide security from identity theft. You can check review but online review cannot be trusted. Learn about identity theft and take action to protect yourself. Make sure about your id and password safe. This is the way that provides you safety. The first trail is free. The identity theft protection companies like Lifelock use many resources to safe your data, by the help of their resources they monitor and scan any suspicious activity with your profile which looks sometimes ordinary. They alert you via, text, call or mail.

  • What to do when your id is stolen:

If your id is stolen while having a membership with identity Theft Company, you should call them immediately and report the intrusion. They will check and take care of all the phone calls, paperwork, disputes, and claims on your behalf to restore your identity and bring it back to where it was before the incursion. Well, it is quite difficult to restore your id from identity theft because it is confusing and take a long time.

There are many ways from where your id can steal, they may be your friend or your closest one. Medical theft is one the most theft which is done now a day’s. They steal your medical details, so if you visit your doctor and there you asked for your personal details which are not required deny or ask questions.

  • How to safe your id from id theft?

You have two methods to save your id one to yourself and second one is give control to others. If you want to have total control by yourself then it takes more time and you cannot monitor all the time. Although you will save your money but workload would be more.

It is very panic when your credit card or some other personal information stolen, so to keep your document safe you must get free credit report once in a year.

You can also place a fraud alert to your credit bureau- Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

If you are going to membership to any company for your id safety then you have to pay monthly but you will save your time.