Has your tooth been giving you trouble lately? Or do you often suffer excessive pain due to toothache? Whatever the situation may be, having a good oral health must be a priority and as for toothaches, you must never let it become a nuisance for your existence. Toothache is evident and persistent if not treated timely. Some may be minor but other cases might cause severe and lingering intense pain in the mouth.

The reasons, however, are plenty for uncomfortable & pulsating toothache. There are many potential symptoms of toothache and the commonest of all is swollen gum. The experience of strange taste inside the mouth can also surprisingly indicate toothache. The symptoms associated with tooth pain might not always be restricted to teeth. An acute toothache may also trigger severe headache and fever. The Hawley Lane Dental clinic is one of the best clinics to visit in order to find out the underlying cause of toothache and undergo proper treatment for it.

Possible Causes

The most common assumptive cause of toothache among people is either tooth decay or tooth cavity. Tooth pain is felt when the pulp i.e. the central part of the tooth becomes inflamed. It is because the nerve endings in the pulp are ultra-sensitive. This pup inflammation can further cause dental trauma, infection, and cavities. But it is best not to draw such conclusions when there are actually varied reasons that can potentially trigger toothache.

Abscessed tooth, tooth injuries, gum infection, unusual bites, Bruxism or teeth grinding and teeth eruption in the young are among other possible causes of toothache. Heat diseases like Angina may also cause pain around the teeth.

Accompanying Symptoms

The diagnosis of the actual cause of toothache remains incomplete without a dentist’s evaluation. Now, toothaches may have a variety of symptoms that come along with it. For instance, if an abscessed tooth is the cause of toothache, you may notice pus accumulation and as a result, the surrounding bone may become infected. Similarly, bleeding gum or other gum diseases may also be accompanied with the pus symptom.

If you ever suffer any of the following problems, make it sure to visit an experienced dentist:

  • Disrupted swallowing or breathing
  • Sudden pain on biting
  • Fever
  • Swelling all around the tooth
  • Discharge from the infected tooth which is foul-tasting
  • Persisting acute pain

A dentist can always help you out of your problem!

It is best not to delay or it can worsen toothache. No one would surely want that to happen to him/her. The Hawley Lane Dental clinic has some of the best dental specialists and the clinic is well equipped with the latest technology to both diagnose dental issues and treat them. Self-assumption in oral health issues may lead you in the wrong direction. Thus, it is wise to consult a trusted dental clinic where the dentists carefully examine you via X-rays. After identifying the exact cause of toothache, the dentist will make plans and efficiently carry out the required treatment.