Having a foresight and living it through is surely one for the books. Especially for women it’s one hell a task. In a country where ‘women career to be set on flames at the altar’ is still not entirely a black and white ideology, forming a career foothold is a task from hell for them. According to Forbes India, the country has a whopping rate of 24% employed women of which merely a 5% make it to the gallery. Most women take break from work of which only a few make their way back to square one while the rest struggle or chicken out.

Do you want an ongoing career? Are you willing to work even during your pregnancy break? Do you aspire to be at the zenith of your powers? Delight this moment as your baby blues are rendering in the right place. There is career that is ready to foster you and nurture your flight of fancy. Its Digital marketing! Yes, you read it right, its being a digital marketer. This is your chance of a lifetime to conquer the stumbling blocks and fly to your castles in air by enrolling into a digital marketing course.

Here is a snapshot of tantalizing perks for your rescue while you exploit a digital marketing career.

Pink pajamas in demand!

‘Pros take lessons from multi-tasking mothers.’Women, especially mothers, are considered to be the finest multi-tasking professionals. Digital marketing organizations seek such people as this sector deals with simultaneous commitments with various leagues in the field. It’s a callout to all mothers on a break; digital marketing gates are open and eager to welcome you. Amplify your skills to fit in this megacorp and you will be all set to ride the winning boat.

Your late night shifts can happen from your laptops

Are you planning a maternity leave? Are you leaving your job to take up some course? Do you want to go on a career break for personal commitments? What if we tell you about an opportunity that would let you work inspite of the break? Excited? Yes, digital marketing is that sunshine which would get you a work schedule designed solely by you. The work format in this digital marketing industry is very flexible and target oriented. A late night deadline would be good to go with your laptop and a cup of coffee in your pajamas. Digital marketing would be a future-proof your break free career.

Build your own empire

There cannot be anything better than you being your own boss! Do you escort your million dollar ideas to the backseat? Are you worried about complying if you give birth to a start-up? In the middle of this jostle digital marketing venture comes as an easy pick. All you need is a laptop, relevant badges to flaunt and a determination to build your own empire of digital marketing services. Certifications in SEO, SMO, PPC etc. validate your knowledge horizon thereby aiding your client acquisition. You can establish your own start-up anytime round the clock and build your success ladder.

Work life balance

Does your quarterly meeting and kid’s sports day coincide? Does your mom’s health demand a full-time attention? Does this situation put your career in a tight corner? Are you too scared to deal with the void post resignations? Get past this whirlwind and calm your nerves, let us look for something to keep you busy and earning. How about freelancing? How about the work from home option for SEO or content writing and marketing? Seems interesting right? Digital marketing is one such industry is can be flooded with freelancers as it doesn’t demand a full time in office presence to the work to be completed. With necessary knowledge and relevant experience, on account of freelancing, you can always prioritize your family and yet sponsor your own luxuries.

We hope our insights have managed to imbibe on you that with personal commitments in bay, you don’t have to turn back on your career. You can always look up to digital marketing training in Mumbai, India as your resort to bank on for diverse career options maintaining the work life balance as well.