It is quite commonly seen among the older ones that when they get old they face various types of difficulties in their day to day work. This is because when people get old, their body will not work with its fuel efficiency and most of the people generally need an assistant who can perform their day to day work on behalf of them.  Moreover, if you are an older person and you have no one around then, in that case, it is the best advice to you that you should go to The Cottages of assisted living.

 What is assisted living?

Assisted living is basically a housing alternative for the adults who get old. These houses or care homes help the older ones in their living and provide the older people an assistant or caretaker that helps them in the dressing, eating, bathing as well as in toileting. Keep in mind that this assistance can only do the general care and they not provide intensive nursing as well as medical care.

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These living facilities can be varied in terms of the facility such as it can be a retirement community, senior housing complex, nursing home etc. These assisted living spaces have own apartment along with the caretaker and provide meals.

Duties performed by the assisted living care home

There are many other duties as well that these care home can do –

  • There are many assist living house that also provides healthcare monitoring as well as management.
  • Do general work such as dressing, eating as well as bathing
  • Do laundry and sanitizing work
  • Remind of medication as well as help with the medication and they make sure that everyone take their medication as per the suggested dosage or prescription.
  • Organize recreational activities that help the person to overcome
  • If any person needed a transportation facility then assisted living care givers provide this also