Doors are a vital component in any vehicle. They have gradually evolved to be highly efficient and fashionable. Here is an insight on the latest automobile doors which comprise sophisticated swinging door hardware.

Types of Swinging Doors

Gullwing Doors

One can easily confuse them with the butterfly or scissor doors. They were famous in the 1980’s after the DeLorean time machine’s production. Gullwing doors are hinged to the car’s roof. They open upwards giving an automobile a ‘seagull wings’ appearance.

However, most consumers feared getting trapped inside their cars in case they rolled over. The doors are typical in the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Mercedes-Benz 300SL models.

Scissor Doors 

Some people also refer them as “Lambo or Lamborghini doors.” They attach to the door frame’s top front corner. Upon opening them, they rotate upwards to about 90 degrees. However, some vehicle’s scissor doors can turn up to 130 degrees. Lamborghini uses them as its trademark door. They were the first company to use these doors in production cars.

Butterfly Doors 

They slightly vary from scissor doors. Butterfly doors are hinged at the top of the car. When opening them; they tend to move upwards and outwards as they fan out. They link along an A-pillar. To increase their dramatic effect, you can apply a fog machine when the doors are open.

Suicide Doors

Initially, suicide doors were ordinary in Bentley, Ghosts or Rolls-Royce Phantom limos. However, you can see them on trucks with prolonged cabins or sporty SUV cars. The “suicide half doors” allows a passenger to access a car’s rear seats. They flip towards an automobile’s back.

Canopy Doors

Their sides attach at the front. They either lift or slide forward when you open them. However, most modern car manufacturers rarely use them.

What to Look for When Buying Door Replacements for Your Car

There are some vital factors that every car owner should consider when buying swinging door hardware.

  • Warranty: Before purchasing any hardware, check whether their warranty has expired. To adequately cover all your liabilities, your insurer will need detailed photos and damages.
  • An original equipment manufacturer (OEM): It proves that the same company which built your car also manufactured the doors. An OEM door is an appropriate replacement part. You should be aware of your car’s make and model.
  • Aftermarket doors: The firm which makes them is different from an original automobile manufacturer. Aftermarket firms are allowed to produce these replacement parts.

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