The use of elevators is becoming a common sight at homes. People want to live a convenient life that is safe and fast at the same time. Having elevators is helpful for the elderly and the disabled people as well as they do not have to be dependent on anyone else again. But while you might be tempted to be a part of the league yourself, there are chances that you will have some qualms regarding the whole situation triggered by myths that you have been fed on from time to time. So, let us take a look at some of the most common myths and how truthful they actually are.

Myth #1 The cable holding the elevator can break and it can send the passengers in a for a free fall ride

Well, this myth has two falsehoods attached to it. The elevators used at home is upholstered by not one but multiple steel cables and each one has the strength to support a car which is fully loaded. So, the chances of you ending up in a free fall are really slim.

Myth #2 There is trouble if the power goes out

This is one myth or more like a fear which is rooted deep in our minds. We all have grown up imagining what would happen if the power suddenly goes out while we are still in the elevator. Contrary to the gruesomeness we all have dreamt of; the elevators do not work this way. In case of such situation, they are programmed to lower themselves to the closest floor so that the passengers can step out safely.

Myth #3 When overcrowded elevators fall

All elevators come with a weight limit and this has us thinking what would happen if they limit is ignored. The misconception is that the lift would fall down since it would not be able to handle the weight but this is not what happens. If more than the allowed number of people get on the lift at the same time the buzzer starts to buzz and keeps on buzzing till the safety limit has been reached.

Myth #4 The door opens even when the car isn’t there

With elevators, especially for those designed for home this doesn’t and can’t happen. The door to the elevator doesn’t open till the car has arrived on the level. In fact, the whole design works on the trigger which is only achieved when the car lands on the hall it has been requested at.

Myth #5 If you sense the elevator is falling step out

It is not a myth but a huge misunderstanding which can be potentially dangerous. When the elevator is moving never try to get off it. The lifts are designed to work-life safe rooms and in case of a problem, you should wait for help rather than taking matters into your own hands.

With these myths settled, you can now order yourself the home elevators you have been following off lately. For more information on these lifts, do check out Terry lifts: the best when it comes to elevators.