Even though the soy products have multiple benefits that it derives from the associated antioxidants, there are many male fitness experts who suggest avoiding the soy protein as there is a notion which states soy products are much inferior to the whey products available in the market. The perception that the soy protein bars are much inferior to that of the whey ones have no studies defending it but there can be some analysis drawn in support of the statement.

Soy actually helps in promoting the lean body mass gain with the help of the antioxidants that are automatically associated with soy protein. The antioxidants are agents. With are either consumed in the diet or are manufactured within the body and works against the molecular damage that takes place due to the reactions caused by the free radicals. When the soy protein is being isolated, the mixture contains antioxidants including the isoflavones, saponins and even copper. According to a fitness freak and manufacturer of the Santa Barbara protein bars, Peter Gaum Santa Barbara, all these body free radical productions seems to be particularly high even during the exercise and hence the resultant oxidant stress appears to contribute substantially to the damage of the muscles and ultimately fatigue.

If the soy protein can promote in maintaining the lean body mass at least same as whey, they might be one advantage of consuming the soy protein. While the antioxidants stand in between the formation of the lean body mass gain, on the other hand, it can actually promote other aspects of health as well. The antioxidant actions are perceived to work against the onset and severity of multiple diseases and acute health problems.

Some of the athletes have been found to show the symptoms a histochemical muscle lesion which leads to high cancer mortality. This has actually been lined with the long stretch of exercise and excessive stress on the muscle tissues. There are differences in opinions regarding this since studies have even proved that prolonged stretch of exercise actually helps the body muscles to adapt with the increased antioxidant defenses. So in either way, those who have been in taking the soy protein bars post workout sessions could actually exert the beneficial effects during the exercise either by restricting the depletion of the antioxidants or by enhancing the capacity of it.

There’s no disregarding the fact that both soy and whey protein have been proved to be effective in increasing the lean body mass along with exercise training. But soy has found some added advantage of inhibiting the two negative impacts of training on antioxidant status. After going through all these tests and measurements according to the suggestions of Peter Gaum, Santa Barbara protein bars prove to be the best of the lot as they have a balanced mixture of everything.

Since they have been in the industry for quite a few long, they know what it takes to make a bar equally healthy and delicious. They have designed their product accordingly and ensure the best benefits for all those who consume them either for purpose or just for their sweet tooth.