Are you addicted to drugs? For many addicts, it’s hard for them to tell whether they need treatment for drug addiction or not. If you’re asking the question whether or not you’re addicted, there may be a good chance that you are.  Let’s look at some of the questions the National Institute on Drug Abuse poses to people concerned about whether their past time has become an addiction.

Being Preoccupied with Drugs

One sure sign of an addict is thinking about drugs all the time. You’re focused on getting your next hit. The thought of running out of drugs or losing your drugs scares you. Maybe you’ve stolen drugs or stolen money to buy drugs in order to feed your habit. If you think about drugs all the time, chances are you’re an addict and you need to look into drug addiction treatment centers.

Being Arrested Because of Drugs

If you’ve ever been arrested for your drug use, because you’ve sold drugs, because you’ve stolen something to obtain more drugs,  for driving a vehicle while high, or been arrested for DUI or DWI, you are probably a drug addict. Even if you haven’t gotten caught stealing drugs or items to sell to buy more drugs, or driven a vehicle while high, the fact that you’re doing illegal and dangerous things to feed your habit is a sign that you’re addicted to drugs.

You Do Risky Things to Get High

If you’ve ever overdosed or ended up in the hospital because of your drug use, it is a good sign you’re addicted. If you’ve ever tried a drug that you didn’t know what it was, it’s very likely you have an addiction. Taking other drugs to counteract the drug you took is also incredibly risky and a sign you have an addiction.

You Have Problems in Your Day to Day Life because of Drugs

People who have drug problems often have problems with their relationships.  You get into arguments with loved ones over your drug use. You may feel that you could never have a good time or fit in with your friends without using drugs. You use drugs to feel better when you get angry or upset at other people. All of these factors show that you need treatment for drug addiction.

You’ve Tried to Quit, but Couldn’t

Maybe you’ve tried to quit drugs, or cut back on your drug use, but couldn’t. Maybe you’ve had withdrawal symptoms that were too difficult to overcome.  You know deep down in your heart that you’re addicted because your body has built up a dependency.

There is Hope

If any of these situations apply to you, there’s a good chance you are addicted. Unfortunately, addiction is an all too common situation in our society, and you are not alone when it comes to addiction. But there is hope.  At His and Her Houses, you can find the drug rehabilitation you need to get your life back on track.  You can find qualified, drug addiction experts who are sympathetic to your situation who can help you get your life back.  You no longer have to be a slave to drugs.

With our drug detox treatment, you can have a safe detox where medical staff will treat your withdrawal symptoms so that your detox is more comfortable. You don’t have to go it alone, nor do you have to worry about the more serious side effects of some drugs — our medical staff will treat you so that detoxing from the drug won’t bring about dangerous symptoms.  And once you’ve been to detox, we have a number of rehab programs designed for people like you.

Contact us today and get your life back.