India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. With the advancing economy, the youth of today is now starting to venture away from a lot of traditional things. Right from the kind of education they receive or the clothes they choose to wear, they are ushering in a change.

Ethnic and traditional Indian wear has been the most common attire for a majority of Indian women for a long period of time but not anymore. The new generation prefers western brands over ethnic wear. They find themselves uncomfortable in Indian wear and prefer to wear western clothes as daily wear. Though ethnic wear online are easily accessible, a lot of youngsters are buying branded clothes from established western brands.Image result for India's youth increasingly favour western brands over ethnic wear

The families too, do not have any issue with the choice that the children are making. What has remained constant is that they need the clothes to be decent and acceptable, keeping in mind the somewhat orthodox Indian society.

The youth’s increasing liking for western brands has resulted in a sudden growth in number of brand stores and franchises. For the foreign brands too, the Indian market is a welcoming and blooming one. These brands have more or less found the correct way to tackle the Indian retail customer.

It is not only the market that is different in India; it is the likes and dislikes of the people. Indians prefer colorful clothes. The fabrics that they use may not work in western countries due to the simple reason that the climatic conditions in India are very different from the western countries. The fabrics that work in India are light and can bear the heat that muddles the brains of Indians in the major part of the country.

While the youth increasingly opts for western wear, some will prefer to buy stylish and elegant ladies kurti with a trendy pair of jeans. Keeping this in mind, western brands are coming with somewhat Indian-ised western wear. Their original designs come with an Indian twist, like an intricately embroidered pair of jeans.

The growing middle class is the perfect target audience for the western brands. Urbanization has made the middle class one of the most successful class. They are now making smart choices in all parts of their life. All the youngsters born in any family (middle class or otherwise) after 1990’s are always seen in western clothes.