Today, scientists from around the world have enough evidence to prove that increasing temperatures are responsible for global warming. They say the signs of global climate change on the environment are already taking place for everyone to see. In recent years, people in many countries have been experiencing more severe heat wave conditions, melting glaciers, increase in sea levels and droughts. In addition to this, many species of animals are on the brink of extinction. This means the earth is not only becoming a warmer place but it is also having a negative influence on the health 0f human beings and their socio-economic conditions.

Jonathan Schrag, a reputed environmentalist explains that if the present trends in global warming continue, then it will have following effects:Image result for Why We Must Address The Issue Of Global Warming

  • Melting of Polar Ice Caps

The melting of the glaciers will create plenty of problems for human beings and animal life on this planet. An increase in global warming will lead to rise in sea water levels in many parts of the global. This will cause massive flooding in coastal and nearby areas. Due of this, human life on this planet will be in danger.

  • Climate Change

People in many parts of the world are already noticing unusual weather patterns, which is affecting their daily life. As temperatures increase because of global warming, there will be more evaporation. Due to this, people around the global will experience more rainfall as the ecosystem changes. Plants will eventually die and animal will have to migrate to other parts of the planet.

  • Drought

Severe drought conditions will exist in many parts of the global as temperatures increase due to global warming. This will result in famines, as food crops will eventually die because of the warm conditions.

  • Diseases

Global warming will affect the health of human beings on this planet because there will be an increase in airborne diseases. Moreover, the increase in rainfall because of massive evaporation will lead to an outbreak of malaria in many parts of the world.

  • Agriculture

Global warming will have a negative impact on agriculture in several countries in the near future even if the signs are not yet visible. Due to this, plants will find it more difficult to survive and may even die. This will result in food shortage in such areas and even conflicts.

  • Fresh water

Fresh water reserves around the world will decrease because of global warming. The change in the ecosystem because of an increase in global temperature will destroy the coral reefs, which supplies fresh water to lakes.

  • Air Quality

The quality of air that human beings and animal life breathe will become worse if global warming continues at the present level.

  • Frequent Wildfires

With the increase in the level of greenhouse gases especially carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, many countries will witness more wildfires.

Jonathan Schrag further explains global warming is an issue that people from around world must address. Otherwise, the human race itself may become extinct in the near future.