Winstrol (Stanozol) is very popular among performance athletes. This human made anabolic steroid resembles testosterone but is altered structurally to increase its potency. FDA has approved Winstrol for human usage but is at present not produced or sold in the US.

Today, it is available in injectable form under brand name Winstrol Depot. Tablet works well than injections because it has high absorption rate. This allows hormone to survive liver metabolism, when consumed. The US athletes and body builders can find Winstrol tablets online sold under different names like Winnie, Winny, Stanozolol, and Win V.

Chemical structure

Stanozolol is structurally changed form of DHT. Dihydrotestosterone is sex hormone resembling testosterone. Structural alteration to Stanozolol has reduced anabolic potency of Winstrol significantly, making it a gentle drug. Winstrol carries androgenic rating 20 and anabolic rating 320.

Why Winstrol is performance enhancer?

  • Winstrol increases physical strength, speed, power and endurance on & off the field
  • It is not bulking steroid, so no extra body weight gets created, which can harm some sport athelets
  • Winstrol improves protein synthesis and boosts nitrogen retention in muscles
  • It increases RBC count and muscle oxygenation
  • Winstrol is mild and easily manageable steroid, which is well-tolerated by many users
  • It is not estrogenic
  • No water retention means no hike in blood pressure level
  • Winstrol is suitable for both male and female
  • It can be stacked easily with other steroids or supplements to synergize the effect, athletes strive for

For beginners Winstrol is a good option to cutting cycles. Competitive bodybuilders find 100 mg dosage per day in the last two weeks before competition very useful. They use Winstrol for cutting cycle along with other supplements to reduce the risk of side effects.

Windsor side effects

Side effects will differ from one person to another. They may experience mild effects like joint pain or intense like high cholesterol. Age, dosage, and predisposition to steroids are factors that need to be considered.

Winstrol cycle

Winstrol-only cycle can suppress natural testosterone level in male, which can be avoided. Stacking it with testosterone can avert this issue. As soon as, Winstrol is stopped, the production of testosterone naturally, starts. Therefore it is recommended that male consider a PCT, after stopping Winstrol.

Liver damage risk increases, while on Winstrol. Therefore avoid drinking alcohol and OTC medications. This can add pressure on liver function. After stopping Winstrol cycle, undergo a detoxifier to cleanse the liver and revive this essential organ.

Men could experience loss of hair and women may experience growth of body hair or clitoral enlargement. In such cases, the user needs to stop taking Winstrol, immediately.