Anavar is one of the best known cutting steroids in the market today, used extensively by bodybuilders around the world. As compared to some of the other anabolic-androgenic steroids, this one is known to be safer and can be used by men and women alike. Before we talk about Anavar in detail, it is important to note that this is not a bulking steroid. It can help in gaining leaner muscles for that ultimate ripped effect, but it won’t accentuate your body like other bulking steroids will.  Let’s learn more about this steroid.

Using Anavar

As with most steroids, Anavar too is made in laboratories and is a trade name for the synthetic steroid called oxandrolone. It mimics some of the effects of testosterone, and hence, you can expect to gain leaner muscles. In fact, it was supposed to be a weight gain drug, especially for people who have lost weight owing to illness and injuries in certain cases. If you are a new user, you might have some tough time finding Anavar because using this drug is not always legal. For buying online, it is extremely important to keep a check on the dosage, frequency and cycle. This is a prescription-only drug in the US, and that’s why many buyers get it online. Beware of counterfeit products in particular, some of which may have questionable ingredients.

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Dosage recommendations

Anavar dosage for bodybuilding and cutting phases can be very different from what is used for medical purposes. In general, steroids work differently on different people, and the results and side effects can vary too. If you check online, you will find plenty of websites that offer extensive information on Anavar cycle, dosage and options. It is always advisable to start with a lower dose, so that the side effects and impacts are understood better. Most users start with a dosage range of 15 mg to 25 mg.

Anavar available online is not always genuine. There are many underground labs that produce these steroids with questionable ingredients. Take your time to read reviews of the products available in the market. If possible, talk to your trainer, who might have a few tips and suggestions for your fitness regime. Also, steroids can impact your liver, and Anavar is no different. It is wise to stop drinking alcohol and other substances that might affect the organ further. Follow the rules and recommendations, and Anavar will give you the right results.