Adipex-P is an alternative name for psychostimulant drug, phentermine, which is predominantly used to reduce body ballooning. Considered as generic name for drug used in obesity management, it comes with other brand names as well such as Ionamin, Phentride, Panshape M, Zantryl, Phentercot, Oby-Cap. It has both long and short term usage to treat obesity followed by diet and physical activity.

How it works?

This appetite suppressant drug suppresses your craving by attacking the neurotransmitters’ metabolism through brain’s serotonin levels. In simple terms, it prevents brain from getting any hunger message by encouraging the neurotransmitters better known to the world as catecholamine.

It directly affects the central nervous system of the brain, the hypothalamus by decreasing appetite. It is the hypothalamus that is responsible for producing hormones and chemical components, which control the various cells and organs of our body.

Leads to Addiction

Since the chemical structure of phentermine is similar to that of amphetamines, users tend to get addicted to it. In many countries even today, phentermine is a controlled substance.

According to FDA, it is recommended for short-term use, restricted to a period of 12 weeks, backed by healthy food consumption and exercise. After 12 weeks, it tends to lose its appetite, conquering effects and the body gets addicted to its dosage.

Should I Go for Generic Medications?

Yet another aspect to consider is there are numerous generic varieties of Phentermine available in market. It solely depends on the pharmacy you visit each time, you may get a different version of Phentermine, depending on its availability. Each medicine comes to a diverse purity levels, and may aid to more side effects. So, once you choose a brand, stick to it till you stop consuming it.

Shall I buy it Online?

Before you order online, check with your physician regarding its side-effects and composition. He or she will be able to advise you if it’s going to work on your body or not.

Daily Dosage

The daily dosage depends on your current age, health condition and your body weight. It is recommended to be taken in the mornings before breakfast, since it leads to insomnia. The recommended daily dosage ranges from 18.75 mg to 37.5 mg daily. Since different generic medicine has different efficiency level, it is advisable to stick with a single brand to yield consistent results.

To sum up with, Weight loss pills are a big craze now with brands promising miraculous abilities like making you fat-free with no side effect at all. Unfortunately, these hyped claims are false. So, invest on medication that is tried, tested and recommended by any Authorized Medical Body.