People who want to experience the ambience of the playground of the world’s richest and famous personalities during their vacations Monaco is the place to visit. In this Mediterranean region, these tourists can also get the opportunity to witness the racing cars in action at the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Operators of various yacht charters in the region have the necessary skills, training and experience to give travelers to the area an enthralling sailing experience they will never forget. Moreover, such holidaymakers can choose the vessels they want to travel in during the vacations in this region when they opt for such charters.

Why go to Monaco for the holidays?

Monaco is a popular tourist destination for holidaymakers who want to explore the regions around the Mediterranean Sea. These sightseers can avail the opportunity to experiencing a royal cruise when they choose to go on a deluxe Monaco yacht charter if they have the necessary resources. This charter employs tour guides, chefs, waiters, attendants and other staff members who have the necessary training to cater to the needs of the guests who come onboard the vessel. Apart from this, vacationers can also opt to super yacht, which is ideal for organizing huge parties.

Monaco Grand Prix

While onboard their vessels, these visitors can get the chance to see two most prominent tourist attractions in Mediterranean region. The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the significant and famous events of the Formula 1 motorsport. Every year, car lovers from around the world come to witness this prestigious tournament and watch their favorite drivers in their vehicles outmaneuver their competitors in these racetracks. The holidaymakers in the region can get the opportunity of renting a compartment to watch the races during their yacht charter. They can participate in the concerts that the world richest personalities organize during this event.

Yacht shows at Port Hercules

With a Monaco yacht charter, tourists avail the chance to witness the famous boat and yacht shows that place in the month of September at Port Hercules. This venue brings together thousands of individuals who have valuable experience in construction of yachts, motor boats and other vessels. In this event, a number of such vessels of various categories are up for sale for rich and famous people to buy. It is an ideal occasion for people on holiday to have a good time and relax.

Visit one of the world’s most famous movie festivals

For those people who are unfortunate to witness the above prestigious events, they can still enjoy their vacations while on a Monaco yacht charter. They can travel to Cannes, one of the most famous venues that display the best of movies in international cinema outside Hollywood. Moreover, this place is only a boat trip away from Monaco. This area is also famous for its luxurious and exquisite restaurants, cafés and other eateries. People who are fond of seafood consider never fail to visit this place to please their gastronomic cravings.

In addition to the above, tourists can get a glimpse of Monaco’s rich history through its famous architectural landmarks and museums while on a Monaco yacht charter.