We all drool over designer apparels and accessories, and want some of the famous high end brands to find a place in our closet. Don’t we? We often ponder, as to why designer label clothes and accessories are so pricey, what makes them so wanted among us? Well, it takes a great deal of creativity and passion to design all such high-end designer apparels and accessories. Fashion designers spend sleepless nights in designing a single designer product, which we find so alluring and charming. If you too are dreaming of a career in the fashion industry, it’s never too late to start. But for that you need broad talents-such as artistic skills, good communication skills and of course passion. Let us further scroll down to know some of the basic personal characteristics required to be a successful fashion designer for high-end brands like Prada, Tumi India, Gucci and more.  

  1. Artistic ability

Having an artistic bent of mind is a must if you aspire to be a fashion designer. You must have a sense of how different colors work together. You must also possess knowledge about various fabrics, and shall be able to put down your ideas onto paper, either with hand-drawn sketches or computer-aided design programs.

  1. Creativity

Fashion designers ought to be creative in their imaginations. Designers work with various fabrics, shapes and colors to make their design look appealing to others. They must be able to visualize whether a specific design will be accepted by people or not. Creativity also involves innovation, and designers must be able to come up with some new trends in fashion, time and again to stay ahead of the rest.

  1. Communication

As a fashion designer, you will have to work in a team, and working in a team with different type of people calls for good communication skills. Right from instructing a pattern maker, to a sewer, you must be able to communicate well with them, so as to get things in place and in a proper manner.

  1. Computer skills

Nowadays, you just simply don’t sketch by using your hands, for large scale presentations you will have to use computer aided design software and also graphic editing software.

  1. Sewing knowledge

Designers shall have knowledge about sewing, basic knitting, fabric draping and shall have a deep understanding about fabric manipulations like pleating, appliqué etc.

Only few people have the zeal and passion to outshine in this field of work. Nowadays, there are so many designers in the market who are doing quite good for themselves. So, if you wish to buy high-end designer apparels and accessories, you could easily do so sitting at your home. There are so many online luxury shopping stores that stock some of the famous high-end luxury brands when it comes to fashion apparels and accessories. The range available with them will surely leave you spellbound. Some of the famous online luxury shopping stores are Elitify, Darvey’s, Tata CLiQ Luxury etc to name just a few.