For the first time Samsung gets rid of the physical button “home” and touch keys “back / recently”; hardly an innovation in the Android world, but it is new territory for the Galaxy line. And it seems to say more careful … noticeable in Galaxy S8, While sensitive to the touch, on-screen virtual “home” button – a clear winner, the fingerprint scanner is placed at a location, the worst of all possible. Of course, you have seen the pictures of it at the right of the camera, but the reality is even worse than you can imagine from photographs. Samsung will relocate the fingerprint sensor in its new flagship of S series Galaxy S9.

It took me more time to deal with a fingerprint in S8 than it usually is on other phones. However, my fellow handled more quickly, and the sensor when tried to use it constantly smeared me. When I wanted to use this scanner for applications like Mint or 1Password, I needed several attempts forever, sometimes so much that it would be faster to simply type the password on the keyboard. (However, in exceptional cases, when I accidentally hit the sensor at the first attempt, it is impossible to load quickly.) You will need much-trained fingers to get on the fingerprint on the first try. Samsung will speed up the sensor in Galaxy S9 so that the user could unlock its phone at a single touch without any difficulties or frustrations.

Fortunately (or perhaps due to), Samsung has provided several ways to unlock the phone Galaxy S8. In addition to the standard options of the digital code or alphanumeric password, you have access to face recognition or iris recognition, both these options are fast but require staring at the front-facing camera above the screen. Iris scanner is particularly impressive, especially considering that it provides the best protection. It worked perfectly almost every time, even when I was wearing glasses. A hitch occurred only once when the bright sun infrared sensor unsuccessfully tried to break my iris as long as I did not have to remove glasses.  The sensor in Galaxy S9 will be highly optimized, run on Android version 8.0. Samsung has not decided a specific name of this version yet. We will soon get the info about in in near months.

Galaxy S9 provided with iris scanner, simply operating flawlessly

I quickly learned how to position the phone to my eyes to unlock it as soon as possible, but to master the face detection function was harder and longer. In general, I would prefer to continue to use the fingerprint. I would also prefer for the “revival” of the screen to press the other part of it then there, where is the virtual home button, but even if so – new methods of unlocking is a great update to S8 +. Just keep in mind that facial recognition (like Samsung warns us) can be easily fooled by a photo of the phone owner, so that the iris scanner will probably be the best choice. Well, of course, if you do not have fingers sniper pianist. Galaxy S9 will be proved as a triumph of Samsung, of the year 2018. The latest technologies in S9 are highly optimized and fascinating. The Iris scanner that Samsung packed in Samsung Galaxy S9 will beat the photo printout unlocking and can be termed as an advanced Iris scanner.