Driving is a dangerous undertaking. Of utmost importance is the ability to see to the horizon when driving on the road. As usual, the range of vision is limited during winter. Now, add the difficulties of cold, freezing temperatures, slippery roads, darkness, ice, and the lowered ability to see. This can be deadly for those who live in snow areas.

Research and planning are essential. As the fall and winter seasons approach take a look at your car. There are some things that can be done to improve safety.

  • Make sure the car is properly maintained
  • Be current on oil, brake changes, and repairs
  • Go the extra mile and have good-quality all-season tires
  • Stock your car with necessary emergency kits

Vital Equipment

By following a few easy tips you can avoid or lessen a roadside emergency. During a storm is not the time to take care of this!

If they did not come standard on your car, invest is automatic heated wiper blades. They will help keep the windshield clear. In addition, they will keep you seeing at the maximum road distance. Have a remote starter to warm the car for a few minutes. It will be easier to clear any ice and snow off the vehicle prior to driving.

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As the temperatures decrease, be proactive in noticing and fine-tuning your car. Tire pressures need to be checked because they decrease during colder weather. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the driver’s side door or your owner’s manual.

An indispensable tool is the snow brush. It can be used to clear the entire car before driving. It is not safe to drive with snow remaining on the car. The snow can become dislodged while driving and cause injury or worse, an accident.  Plan ahead in case you or someone else gets their car stuck. Snow chains, traction mats, fabric tire wraps or tire socks stored in your trunk will save the day. Other traction aids include spreading sand or kitty litter.

Car Maintenance

Some helpful guidelines will keep your car looking and running great! Rough terrain and weather cause the exposed parts of the car to rust. Keep the exterior of the car clean and rinse periodically to remove excess substances.

Wiper blades are sometimes the most forgotten auto part. Yet they are crucial. The blade dulls after six months of use. May sure they are changed on a regular schedule. By clearing the snow and ice from the windshield before turning on the wipers will make them last longer. When the time comes, for easier and faster clean-up consider installing automatic heated wiper blades. They are replaced in pairs. Keep the old ones in the trunk in case one or both are ruined from the ice.

Common Sense

Exercise common sense. If the weather is bad, think twice about going out. Avoiding hazards is the ultimate way to secure the safety of your family and yourself. If there is no choice and you have to go out, drive slow and do not take any risks. Your life is no light matter! Be safe.