It is a known fact that the steroid cycle offers wonderful result for different people at different dosage levels. The benefits, side effects and medical benefits of each drug supplement will be decided based on the way in which the users’ body react to them. The same goes for winstrol cycle too.

The reviews that are left by the other users will surely help you decide whether to take a steroid supplement. However, you should always remember the fact that the steroid supplement that worked for one person may not offer the same results for the other person too. Hence, you should consider the possibility of whether or not the supplement works for you, based on your own experience after taking the supplement.

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Dosage Cycle of Winstrol

The dosage cycle of winstrol varies from 50mg to 100mg on daily basis. If you increase the dosage for experiencing wonderful results as early as possible, then you will surely experience the side effects that are noticed in the mice, after high dosage of winstrol intake. The dosage of winstrol varies each week and here is a dosage cycle for you.

  • The first week dosage of winstrol should be around 8mg per day.
  • The dosage in the second week is also around 8mg per day.
  • The next week dosage will be around 10mg.
  • Fourth and fifth week dosage will be same like that on the third week, which is 10mg per day.
  • The dosage for the sixth week of the cycle will also be around 10mg, if you are first timer and wish to start slow.

If you are first timer, then it is strongly suggested to stay within the suggested dosage cycle.

Results to Expect from Winstrol Cycle

The form of winstrol supplement that you choose to take will play a role in deciding the results of winstrol cycle. The injection form of winstrol is known as Winstrol Depot and the oral form of the supplement is known as stanozolol. The factors that may affect the results of winstrol cycle include –

  • Diet
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Wellness and health of a person
  • Lifestyle
  • Exercise routine

Winstrol is quite famous to burn off excess fat in the body of the users, in the world of steroids and this factor has made it the most opted supplement by the athletes. They use this supplement to increase their speed, stamina and power, and also to gain an improved physique.