Being in love and being romantic are two very different things. If you love someone, just expressing that love or getting married to that same person is not enough, one needs to be romantic also to keep the interest alive in relationship. If you are not romantic, very soon boredom would creep into your relationship and you would want to escape away from it. Romancing gives you energy for creativity and also keeps you forever young. But again being romantic is not only about getting physically intimate with your partner, it has a lot more meaning. So, buy the latest Valentine’s Day gifts for her, go for the recently opened restaurant with him, or visit the topmost building of the city to propose her. Because life is all about small moments to enjoy.

See why romance is so important in relationship:

Your Bond Becomes Stronger

You may ask that is romance very vital in love? Yes, it is my dear because we all want to crave for someone and also want to be craved by someone. This is a feeling of importance that you feel inside your head when someone waits for you at dinner table or brings in a heart shaped cake for you on your birthday. You become an unbreakable couple when both of you are romantic for each other and with each other.

Feeling of Security Comes with Romance

Many married or unmarried couples are insecure about each other. They doubt each other and a lack of romance is the prime cause behind it. Once doubt comes in your space, your relationship dies a tragic death. Romance comes in small packets like wishing a good morning with a bright smile or welcoming home after work or cooking together in weekends. All these small things hammers that eternal companion thing in your partners head. And then there remains no scope of insecurity.

Romance-Less Life Is Dry

See sometimes there may be a situation when your partner is not responding to your romantic moods and in these situations you won’t feel urged to do anything romantic for him/her. And then the relationship would go dry because of this un-fulfillment.  So, you see only romance can motivate you to do something for your lover and if romance decreases the gap between the hearts would raise. Don’t let that happen to your relationship.

You Feel Young and Beautiful

We all crave for appreciation – right? When you praise your wife for the dish she prepared which tastes just OK types, what’s the result? Next time the same dish would be tastier. It is called human psychology where like attracts like. The age old saying goes, “What you think and thank about, you bring about”. Romance lies in these things only when you praise the beauty of your wife or girlfriend. Believe me, this one line of appreciation would keep her forever beautiful.

If you are not so much romantic, it is okay. Take a little step today by being a little romantic towards your partner as a valentine gift and the rest would be done in long run.