Boxing isn’t only just for the ring anymore. The sport has started to progress into a fitness phenomenon, with gyms across the world starting to introduce it as a form of intense physical training. While punching stuff sounds fun, scientific studies have also shown that it offers one of the best physical training regimes in the fitness sector. CureFit offers a boxing fitness training regime, tailored to exercise the whole body and keep the mind fresh and alert.

The rise of interest in boxing and UFC in India, especially with all the hype surrounding a certain Mr. Connor McGregor, a lot of India’s fitness crazed youth have started to take up boxing, kickboxing and other types of martial arts in an effort to stay fit, and increase endurance, stamina and strength.

The whole point of cardiovascular workout is to place a moderate amount of stress on your heart and lungs, thus making them adapt beneficially for your body to be able to achieve a higher and more efficient level of physical ability. Boxing, while also being a fun way to do this, also keeps athletes on their toes, forcing them to keep improving and adapting.

Boxing goes a long way in improving total-body strength, as boxing fitness regimes are not only centered around punching a hundred-pound bag, but also involves various other strength, core and endurance enhancement methods, such as quats, pushups, planks, and weighted medicine ball exercises to give the athlete a more all-round physical growth and development as compared to only doing strength training.

During boxing classes, when an athlete is assigned a “sparring” partner, or to spend time on a punching bag, he/she must constantly see the target, hit the target, and react to the target, all while the target is in constant motion. These kinds of exercises go a very long way in increasing an individual’s hand-eye coordination. Individuals with good hand-eye coordination have better reflexes, and are more ready to react to situations than others.

Exercise increases endorphins, improves the mood, works as a form of meditation and improves sleep, all of which help reduce stress levels in an individual, which is crucial in today’s fast paced world. During a boxing workout you typically tend to transition between high intensity bouts of exercise and moderate intensity recovery periods. The time between recovery periods is used to prepare oneself for the next high-intensity bout.

CultFit offers boxing classes that are tailor-made for each individual participant, who is given individualized training regimes, alternation between high and low intensity and so on, thus personalizing the experience for each participant, allowing him to get the best out of the regime.

Some of the other health benefits of boxing as a physical exercise include: Boosting confidence, knowledge of self-defence in case of an emergency, helps to burn a very large number of calories, while serving as a variation to cardiovascular and resistance training. Boxing has been traditionally known as one of the best ways to achieve a complete body workout, while various added training methods and exercises have proven that it is no longer just an art of fighting, but also keeping in supreme health conditions at all times.

Go through Wikipedia article to know more about boxing, get more detailed look at the various programs what we offer. While going through our services, it is always best to pick and choose according to the physical limitations and capabilities of the individual.