The mountainous and archeological heritage country Albania is a heavenly blessed peninsula with long coast lines circumferencing the vast nature and cultural mysteries along with snowy mountains and long fields. The lavishing landscape with large intensity of visitors for summer beaches and holidays greeting with variety of heritage and cultural backdrop along with sporty adventures and romantic dinners is what you just cannot miss. The European Country Balkans’ peninsula has not only a vast ancient history but also ranks as the Albania tourism site. It also has great exotic summer beaches and coasts along with Albanian cuisine restaurants with delicious wine.

3 Things to do in Albania

  1. Sporting in Albania : if you wish to experience an adrenaline rush, you can go for adventure like hiking on valleys and mountains, trekking in snowy mountains or you can choose places like Theth, valbone ,Llogora National park, Permet and you may go for trekking to Bryons, accursed mountains and peaks of Balkans. You can also explore caves in cliffs of Llogora and mount karabi or other outdoor activities like skiing, mountain biking, mountain climbing and bird watching.
  2. Travel around archeological sites: There is much longer list to explore archeological sites as Albania is pretty much famous for its archeological richness and ancient history. You can explore the abandoned and lost city of Greece Apollonia and Roman Amphitheater along with other ruined cities and valleys which are the major attractions that have enhanced the tourism in Albania.
  3. Hit the beaches: There are so many coasts and beaches in Albania. Some of the undeveloped beaches have no pollution and are near to the Mother Nature. You can also hit the nightlife on beaches of Albanian Riviera where you will love the place if you are music person, there are beach clubs and popular for music fests.

5 Places to Visit in Albania

Theth:  in the northern highs of Albania in the Albanian Alps, you will find the beautiful lush green mountainous landscape and vast natural beauty along with Theth national park to visit. Do check out the Gurnas Waterfall and lock-in tower before you leave.

Tirana: Tirana is the capital city of Albania and that’s why it is the best to start your tour with. You can come across a number of local tourist attractions that can be lovely to visit. Enjoy the city which is cheap and beautiful to explore, do shopping, have excellent dinner and wine. Best places to eat and stay are there.

Albanian Riviera: No Albania visitor misses this place, they are most popular with their plenty of beaches and beach clubs which the place glamorous. The place hosts numerous of music fests and parties and is popular for music.

Berat: How you can miss 2400 years old museum where Albanian architecture is preserved under the UNESCO as world heritage site. This city has the most classic and beautiful architecture in the world which you cannot afford to miss.

Gjirokaster: it is popularly known as the city of stones and prized by UNESCO as world heritage site. The whole site as museum city is set on ancient streets and bazaars on mountainous city. Old architecture houses are beautifully built in the city.