Just as soldering is an important skill that you must acquire, desoldering is another skill that must be mastered with utmost efficiency. The process of desoldering is the one where you remove certain parts of the solder from the given circuit board.

If the aspects of commercial and domestic applications are observed, then it can be seen that the desoldering process is of extreme importance. There are several soldering and desoldering stations that provide great tools that help us to perform these two operations with relative ease and comfort.

For most of the work on consoles as well as PCB, these desoldering tools are widely used. Multiple desoldering stations India provide a wide range of tools such as desolders, cleaning devices and nozzles at reasonable prices. To make sure that all the electronic components are assembled properly and working in an appropriate manner, desoldering is carried out and that is why they are extremely important.

These desoldering tools will help you to begin by heating up the solder and then making the required transformation as necessary. Once it is done, these tools will help you to clean up whatever extra solder is left on the device.

One of the major reasons as to why you should use desoldering is that you can never be sure that you have soldered the right part in the right manner. So, in case you have gone wrong in some way or the other, you can always use these desoldering tools and get the parts together in the correct form.

There are many types of desoldering tools that you can use. Here are some of the popular ones:

  1. Desoldering Irons– If you are using desoldering irons, you will have to first heat up the required solder with the help of the iron. You can slowly slide the iron under the pins and then can get the maximum possible solder from the board. An important thing to be kept in mind is that while taking out the components, you should take them out from the lead. By using this, the quality of the component will not get compromised in any way. Try to avoid the usage of the soldering iron for a long time.
  2. Desoldering Braid– If you want to remove any excess of solder, then this is the most commonly used tool. It is made up of several strands of copper wire braided together. The copper wires increase the efficiency of this tool and it easily attracts the solder towards itself and hence is easily removed. Some enhanced desoldering braids come with flux that further increase the productivity of the tool and make it more convenient to use. Depending on the amount that you want to solder, there are several sizes in which this tool is available.
  3. Desoldering Pump– The desoldering pump is like a pressure pump with high vacuum. The soldering pump helps to suck up all the extra solder and it is one of the most frequently used tools of all.