Drug testing these days is extremely common because of the increasing cases of drug abuse in the society. Not only the educational institutions and parents at home are taking this issue seriously, but employers are also making use of drug testing kits these days to make sure that their employees are free from such performance affecting habits.

Most commonly single panel and multi-panel drug test kits are being used in the educational and workplace environments to test people for drug abuse. The employers basically give importance to the use of multi-panel drug test kits because it offers a number of advantages over the single panel drug test kits.

Multi-panel drug test kits are available in the strips and cups form where the latter being more common in the workplace drug testing. Common multi-panel drug testing cups include 5 panel drug test cup, 12 panel drug test cup, etc.Related image

The Advantages of Using Multi-Panel Drug Test Cups:

Below are listed the different advantages that you can get from using the multi-panel drug test cups:

  • Convenient:

The biggest advantage of multi-panel drug test cups is that they are convenient. You can easily take sample in the cups and close it with the lids. The containers have result card attached on the outside from which you can easily read your result within seconds. Single panel drug test kits are much more troublesome.

  • Efficient:

Another big advantage of multi-panel drug test cups is that we can get results from them much more efficiently as compared to the single panel drug test kits. It can detect 10 to 12 drugs at the same time so the drug abusers have less chances of escaping the test and getting results instantly.

  • Cost Effective:

Multi-panel cups and kits, although seem to be more expensive at first, proves to be cost effective in the long run. As you can detect multiple drugs using single sample at a time, you have to use less strips saving you cost in the long run.

  • Offers Advanced Options:

Some of the advanced options like temperature check, adulteration and split keys, etc. are only available in multi-panel drug test kits which makes it even more advantageous and useful. These special features comes in handy sometimes in special cases when you want full control over the test results and test result timings accordingly.