When you invite people over, you also need to consider the state of your plumbing system. Even a single guest can create plumbing ramifications if you’re not careful. Kansas City plumbers must often deal with plumbing problems that come from someone having multiple guests over. Here are a few ideas you can use to prepare your plumbing system for guests.

Why Guests Represent a Danger to Your Plumbing System?

You and your household likely maintain a plumbing balance. Unfortunately, every new person that enters your home tips the balance a little.

Every new person can mean one more person using the toilet, shower, sink, and other water sources. Each new person adds just a little more strain to your plumbing system. Too many people utilizing your plumbing at one time can create a plumbing emergency.

Even if there’s no outright emergency, that strain on your plumbing system can create problems for you later. You may not know a guest thought it was okay to flush any and everything down your toilet. You’ll figure it out when the inevitable clog starts causing you trouble days later.

What You Can Do to Mitigate the Possible Dangers to Your Plumbing System

There are quite a few things you can do to make sure your plumbing system survives all those extra people.

Educate your guests – Let your guests know how to use your plumbing system the right way. For example, make it clear they shouldn’t flush anything other than waste and toilet paper. Let them know to make sure not to leave the sink faucet leaking after they wash their hands.

Mitigate plumbing system usage – It can help to have items your guests can use so they won’t have to overuse your plumbing system. Things like wet naps or hand sanitizer can help cut down the use of your sinks. Have wastebaskets in reach so guests aren’t tempted to flush things or put them into the garbage disposal.

Make them go outside – If you plan to have a suitably large number of guests, you should consider investing in a portable toilet rental.

You should also make your guests feel comfortable with letting you know if they suspect there’s a plumbing issue. For example, you wouldn’t want someone to clog up a toilet then feel too embarrassed to tell you. If something happens, your guests should let you know immediately.

Beyond that, it can also help you a great deal to keep the number to a professional plumbing service on hand. You’ll want local Kansas City plumbers who have no problem with delivering emergency plumbing services. So, if something does happen while you have guests, you’ll have someone to call on.