Personal injury cases refer to the disputes arising due to the mental and physical injuries suffered by an individual owing to the negligence, deliberate action, or strict liabilityof someone else.In order to claim compensation for the grievances, the injured person can file a lawsuit or resolve the matter through out-of-court settlement. A qualified Orange County personal injury attorney can provide professional advice, handle informal settlement of the case, orformally represent the injured individual’s case in the court proceedings.

Formally filing a lawsuit

When you want a legal recourse to your personal injury complaint, you have to formally file a lawsuitagainst theconcerned individual, business, or government agency that you consider responsible for your accident or injury.The lawsuit will involve your allegations about their carelessness that caused you physical or mental harm. In such cases, you will be the “plaintiff” and the other party will be the “defendant”. A personal injury attorney can be beneficial for your purpose due to their knowledge and experience in handling legal procedures and expertise in negotiation. The personal injury attorney will also take care of all the paperwork involved in such disputes.

Opting for out-of-court settlement

The informal or out-of-court settlement isanother common way of resolving personal injury disputes. Such settlements involve you and the individual or party directly related to the incident, theattorneys and the insurers of both thesides. The settlement requires negotiation to arrive at a consensus and a written agreement that declares no further legal action will be undertaken by you against the other party. The matter will be resolved through payment of a certain amount that is agreeable to both the parties. A personal injury attorney can help you in negotiating and receiving the compensation you deserve through their skills and practice in handling such cases.

When do you need a personal injury attorney?

Depending on the extent of the injuries suffered by you and the legal aspects of the case, you can decide to hire an attorney or handle the matter on your own. If it is a minor matter, you may decide to contest alone. But if it is a serious issue, you may consider taking professional help. An experienced Orange County personal injury attorney can guide you with the claims you can make, advise you about the best way to settle the dispute, and help you to get appropriate compensation.