Spinal disorders can result in back and neck pain, leading to great discomfort and suffering. Depending on the severity of the condition, a doctor can recommend minimally invasive spine surgery New York. This procedure makes use of advanced computer-assisted technology and specialized equipment to treat such pains. If you are looking for a procedure that will allow you quick recovery time, less pain after the operation and minimal incisions, you have the option of going for minimally invasive spine surgery in New York. Although the procedure achieves the same goals as traditional open spine surgery, minimally invasive surgery is less risky.

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Advantages of minimally invasive spine surgery
This procedure is associated with some advantages. Today, patients can enjoy the benefits that technology has brought to the healthcare industry.
Less infection and complication rate
While traditional spine surgery involves long incisions so as to reach the affected area, minimally invasive procedures use few and tiny incisions. Tiny incisions result in lower risk of infection. The complication rate is also significantly reduced since the patient will be in a position to move just shortly after the surgery.
Less blood loss
Small incisions lead to reduced blood loss, a factor that results in fewer instances of blood transfusion. This makes the process less demanding and improves the outcome. This means that there is a good chance that the pains and discomfort will be effectively addressed.
Low risk of muscle damage
During open surgery, muscles are bound to be pulled in an attempt to access the affected area. When this happens, there could be damage to soft tissues in the area or great pain after the surgery. Minimally invasive procedures require pulling of muscles to a lesser degree. In the end, the possibility of suffering tissue damage or pains is also significantly reduced.
Less pain
Unlike traditional spinal surgery, this procedure requires small and minimal incisions to be made. This means that there will be less pain and discomfort after the spinal procedure. When a patient experiences less pain, the amount of painkillers needed to make the pain bearable also reduces.
Shorter recovery time
Open surgery is associated with long recovery times. The recovery time is likely to be even longer when muscles around the affected area suffer damage during the procedure. Since minimally invasive techniques use small incisions, the procedure results in less tissue damage and shorter recovery time.
Shorter surgical time
Minimally invasive techniques involve the use of advanced technology to reduce the time spent in the operating theater. The result is increased efficiency and less time under anesthesia. 
When you choose to undergo minimally invasive spine surgery in New York, you will have access to the best doctors and surgeons in the country. The experienced medical practitioners will offer you the best medical care.