Anavar, also known as a var is a brand name for the steroid Oxandrolone. It is widely consumed for muscle growth enhancement and disorders like muscle wasting amongst athletes and bodybuilders. This synthetic anabolic steroid was first introduced in the 1960s and has been trademarked by the name Anavar since then. It is often classified under PED that is performance enhancing drug. It is extremely popular and is manufactured by a lot of companies and the dosage varies between 10 mg to 50 mg. The weight loss induced by this steroid is long lasting and can be easily achieved by following an Anavar diet plan.

The underlying popularity of Anavar

Anavar is a steroid diet pill which is widely used as an oral steroid.  It is non-aromatizing and has a tendency of having a low androgenic activity. This reduces the toxic side effects associated with steroid consumptions. Also, the moderate levels of anabolic reactions deliver a slow and steady effect on the body. The athletes and weight lifters use this diet to cut on the extra fat and pounds for bulking their bodies. A simple workout regime with this steroid helps you get the desired result, but you need to be strict about the routine.

The steroid Anavar helps in getting rid of the excess water that has been retained in the muscle tissue. This hastens the process of building lean muscle and makes you keep that look for a longer period. Likewise, it helps in getting rid of the fat that has accumulated around the muscular tissues over a period. This gives a chiseled and defined appearance to the athlete and makes him look handsome and appealing. It is crucial to consult a doctor before undergoing this medication and it is crucial to not overdose on steroids. For despite being low on the side effect levels, Anavar also has a tipping point. Common disorders like the masculine look and feel among women, damaged liver, breakouts, and high blood pressure et al tends to seep in.

How does Anavar take effect in the human body?

When a person consumes Anavar, the steroid tends to lift up the nitrogen uptake. This further boosts protein synthesis in the human body and prevents catabolism of the protein synthesized. This process further future-proofs the results derived from Anavar as the muscle cells do not break down or get converted into glucose and starch in the body. The human body’s metabolism is also increased the body fat gets burned instantly which the muscle mass keeps on increasing.

Cutting cycle and Anavar

Anavar is widely consumed by bodybuilders and athletes during cutting cycles where the goal is to hold on to a lot of muscle tissue amidst a low-calorie led diet. The diet needs to be strictly maintained to cut down on the body’s fat. This further brings in a reduction in the water retention capability of the human body. Anavar is a steroid diet pill that can be consumed twice to thrice times in a day.