LeBron James, the noted basketball player from America, had started his journey quite early in life. Though he entered the professional coaching arenas much later, he is known to have triggered off his career at an early age of nine years. A youth coach from his locality had first talked to him about the sport. Later, he went on to become one of the greatest icons of his times. He always gave in his best, and knowing that he had the potential in him to make it big; he never backed out while learning from other good NBA players in the fray.law

Lebron James net worth       

In the year 2014, James had earned $72 million by participating in the season of NBA. He made 19.3 million dollars from his salary alone. Additionally, through endorsements, he managed to add a further $53 million to his kitty. It was in the same year that he was enlisted as the 3rd highest paid sportsman in the world. He was behind Cristiano Ronaldo who was worth $80 million, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. worth $105 million. As LeBron James was considered to be more appealing than the duo, even though he was third in the race as far as his net worth was concerned, he ranked 2nd on the list of most powerful athletes in the world in 2014.

Like other richest celebrities, James became party to many contract arrangements including endorsement partners like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Upper Deck, and Nike. Over the years, he has succeeded in becoming basketball’s largest endorsement, which in turn has strengthened his net worth even further. It is said that LeBron has notched nearly $150 million in the firm of NBA salary and about 300 million dollars via numerous endorsements in his career. When LeBron announced his comeback to Cavaliers, he ended up signing a 2-year deal of $42.1 million. In the year 2016, LeBron earned another $77.2 million, wherein most of the money was drawn from endorsements and the rest was attributed to his salary.

For millions of dollars on a yearly basis, LeBron has signed several lucrative deals linked with established companies. In spite of being much occupied, he has appeared in media ads for State Farm, by Samsung and Microsoft among many others. He stands tall on the list of the highest paid basketball players; because of which, his net worth has increased to what it is today – a whopping $300 million.