History plays an important role in the lives of the people because the future generations come to know about the cultural riches, values, revolutions, etc. that have taken place in the past. The children can come to know about the sacrifice the earlier generation has made in order to provide them the taste of freedom. In this situation, it becomes mandatory to teach children about the cultural values and about the write-ups of the great historians. For that, the renowned history professor Orlando Figes believes that the children should be imparted history lessons in school.

Why is History Necessary for Students?

According to the experts, inculcating the historical lessons into the minds of the students will help them to know about the rich cultural values and teachings that can help the present generation to get a deep insight. This will help the new generation to know about the history, freedom fighters, value of gaining freedom and to maintain it. Professor Orlando Figes believes that this will help in connecting the students with their past and help them to maintain their future freedom. Here are some points that can throw light on the aspect of providing history lessons to the students:-

  • The students will get to know about the great figures and personalities who fought for the country. They will come to know about the hardships they faced and how the fellow citizens can become grateful towards them for their great deeds.
  • Studying of local and national history will help them to know about the various historical and political things that affected their community in the past. This can also help them to sort out the worst and to help in bring the correct change in the society.
  • Even the educators should put emphasis on the provision of historical knowledge to the students by keeping in front of them the facts. This will help the students to know about the positive and negative aspects of the war and other incidents that have influenced the nation.
  • The educators should concentrate on the terminologies that need better coverage and the incidents that can deeply affect the student’s rational thinking power. Professor Figes states that the historical incidents should be taught systematically so that the students can get aware of everything. They should be made aware of the local history first rather than going instantly towards national history.
  • To make the historical topics easier, the students should be first taught the initial life of the people, tribes, communities, etc. and the fights they took against the rivals. After this, the educators should tell them about the great freedom fighters and the revolutions that took place. This will help the students to connect the events properly and learn the history subject in a better way.

Lastly, it can be seen that with the help of the history education the students can get an insight into their community and how they have attained the freedom from the poverty, peasant system, unemployment, etc. This, in return, will help them to take a charge of making a great society by remembering the sacrifices of their previous generation.