An Australian actress named as Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson who is also known as Rebel Wilson has been recently hitting the news headlines for her weight loss of 15 kg in just eight months. She has reduced her weight from 106.5 Kg to 96.5 Kg. This weight loss journey of Rebel Wilson was started in April 2016 and she has revealed her amazing results after eight months in December 2016. This Australian Celebrity is popularly known to be named as “Fat Amy” in a movie called Pitch Perfect. She has gained many fans and has also gained respect in the previous year.

This Australian actress has first revealed her amazing transformation at the wedding of her co-stars of the movie Pitch Perfect. By wearing Pink Dress at the wedding, with skinny figure, Rebel Wilson drew the attention of her fans. All her fans went crazy after watching her new figure and gave respect to Rebel Wilson. Many people who are willing to lose weight is inspired by this great Australian Celebrity. She did not just workout alone, but she has also documented all the steps which were included in her workouts and uploaded on her Instagram account. As she had many fans and followers on Instagram, many people on Instagram found these steps beneficial. She said that it was so fantastic and challenging, but also rewarding. She also said that she had lost 8 pounds in just 4 days of May. Free daily massages were part of her program. Despite of being a 37 years old comedian, she is also a great actor, writer and producer. Other upcoming movies will see Rebel Wilson return, but the audience will not see her as Fat Amy, they will see her as ‘Not-So-Fat-Amy’ as due to the result of her weight loss. Similarly, a Scottish singer named as Susan Boyle has also became very popular for her weight loss as she lost a whopping two stone in 2016. As Susan Boyle is 55 year old, doctors warned her that the health of her was at risk if she didn’t lose the weight. Susan Boyle lost her weight by avoiding sweeties and cakes which were said to be bane for her life. Most recently, Susan has looked slim and glowing again.

As it is already said that Rebel Wilson revealed her secrets of her weight loss, she also told about her diet and workout which gave her a slimy figure. Many people were inspired by her workout routine and her Diet. Weight Loss Program of Rebel Wilson: This program includes 8 hours of rigorous exercise from that of which 4 hours are considered to be spent on mountain climbing in the morning and stretching followed by exercise classes in the afternoon. It also includes classes for preparing organic vegetarian dishes. This program also includes a daily massage which makes this program easy and hassle free on the part of the guests. This weight loss program and fitness retreat camp is in Malibu which is called as ‘The Ranch 4.0’. This includes high intensity exercises.

The 3 great Weight Loss Secrets which were revealed by Rebel Wilson which helped her a lot are as follows:

  1. The Power of Sitting on Your Couch: This tip was recommended by her friends. One of the friends of Rebel Wilson said that she should be a calorie burning machine. This tip helped her a lot and her only motto was “Must Do Workouts”. By applying this, Rebel performed 10 minutes of high intensity workout 4 times a week which gave a supercharge to her resting metabolism. This great tip was very helpful to her.
  1. Count Your Fiber: Not Your Calories: This tip tells that we should avoid unhealthy foods and follow a high fiber diet as in order to maintain fluctuating blood sugar levels and to avoid getting tired day-by-day.

Snack on Fats: This tip tells that the snacks which we intake should not be junk food or high carbohydrate laden snack. The snack should be healthy in order to maintain insulin levels of our body.
So these were the 3 secrets of Rebel Wilson. If anyone is willing to lose weight and become healthy, then one should believe in himself/herself and follow these 3 tips given by the great Australian Celebrity. One should never give up workouts till he achieves the goal. Rebel Wilson is the live example for this.