Starting new relationship is like starting a journey to an unknown place. You don’t know where the road would take you and what will be your life in that place.  What if this journey that you’ve taken will lead you to the worst situation of your life? Would you take the risk of being hurt for the nth time? Are you prepared of the consequences that it would take facing this new beginning?

If you are really prepared, then you’re answers will be all yes. It is not good to be stuck in the past. Life must goes on as what other says. Learn to cope with it. According to an expert and friendly counselling in Bella Vista with Colleen Hurll, there are certain things which are not meant for you, though you already done sacrifices and invest so much affection into them.And the right thing to do is to start a new one and be prepared for different feelings.

Happiness and contentment

Of course, new relationship is a sign that you’ve already got through of your depression over your past and therefore, will give you the happiness that you want before.


This will really be natural since you’ve longed for love. You’re excited for everything like it is your first time you fell in love. Your excited with your first date, first bouquet of flowers that you’ve receives and even with the first fight. But then, don’t rush out. These two are just few of the countless feeling but then negative one will counterpart these such as:3


Why do you have to feel anxious? Is the fear of being jacked again? Calm down. Not everyone is the same as your ex is. You don’t have to worry about certain things that are beyond your reach. Just grab the moment that there is someone out there who loves you the way you love him too.

Guilt and confusion

Some may ask you “Is it appropriate that you’ve already enter a committed relationship and didn’t wait for your ex to come back in your arms?” of course, that would eventually cause you confusion at the same time guilt. You don’t have to darling. Whether you are the dumped or the dumpee, it is already done. Better to leave it behind and begin again.


Never ever feel this way because, your new relationship which is intended to be a long term relationship can turn into a short failure of dismay. Stop thinking of negative thoughts instead think of the possible ways in maintaining your relationship. If you think you need pieces of advice over this feeling, ask for help from Colleen Hurll anxiety counselling and learn how to ward off insecurity to foster a deep relationship.

Beginning a new love relationship is a matter of self-renewal. Let go of the things that are holding you back to happiness and giving out the best affection that you can give. It is such a wonderful life and awesome time to love yourself so that you can give more love to your partner. Having someone to share your life forever should keep your grip on your relation. Smile, then the world will smile at you.