In order to substitute a meal, the shake must be nutritionally complete. The smoothies are easy to digest rich in fibber and help us control our weight

When we eat balanced diet we feel healthy, full of energy and very positive. For this we must include the essential nutrients in each meal. We know that we have to eat fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, etc. But is it possible to prepare a smoothie that gives us everything we need in a meal?

In this article we confirm that it is possible and that it can also be very beneficial to substitute a meal for a shake every now and then. In addition, we give you some best meal replacement smoothies. You can try these delicious and nutritious smoothies that will also help you achieve the ideal weight.

Benefits of shakes

In general, when we talk about any kind of smoothies, we usually think of sweet milkshakes based on dairy products (yogurt, cream, ice cream), which are really quite unhealthy. But a shake simply means that we have decided to mix a series of crushed foods in a blender, and you will be amazed at the ingredients that can be used. Below we explain what the benefits of taking these smoothies are:

They are easy to digest, especially beneficial for people who eat too fast and without chewing

  • They help us control our weight and decreases cravings as these smoothies are very filling.
  • Prevent and improve constipation thanks to its fiber content.
  • They are also a beauty remedy, thanks to high content of vitamins and minerals
  • They allow us to avoid skipping meals, since we can take them and drink when we are away from home.
  • They do not contain lactose and some do not contain gluten either.
  • The whole family can take them.
  • They are ideal for physical or mental exertion.
  • They are easy to prepare and can be taken at any time of the year.

What should a balanced meal contain?

To satisfy our appetite, not to be hungry shortly after eating and to provide our bodies with the necessary amounts of nutrients, we should include the following types of ingredients in our smoothies:

  • Vegetables: raw and dried fruits, vegetables.
  • Proteins, in this case of vegetable origin: nuts, cereals, avocado.
  • Starches or cereals: cereal drinks, banana.
  • Healthy fats: first cold pressure oils, nuts, avocado.