How many people do you know who say they’ve stood at the window, looking out at overcast skies, knowing the temperature is moving toward the freezing mark, and wishing that they could be on their way to sunnier climes? Some have probably gone beyond wishing that they were on their way and made the decision, finally, to book a flight and a hotel in a location where the temperatures are warm.

Many of the dreamers have avoided taking that important and exciting step based on price alone. Winter and the holiday season that comes with it can be an expensive time to travel if you’re following the sun. The plane fares and hotel costs are higher at this time; it’s that simple. But some may also think first of holding onto their money for Christmas gifts, so they say “maybe next year.”

Find the Deals

What can you do if you’ve finally reached the point at which you can’t deny yourself this journey but you’re still concerned about cost? Take some time to search for package deals that combine flight and accommodations. You can use this as your base for your holiday and then plan additional tours and entertainment at winter sun destinations you’ll be sure to enjoy.

How do you benefit from arranging a holiday package? You save money by selecting a hotel that might be a bit further from the beach or doesn’t offer every top-shelf amenity. After all, you may not spend a lot of time in your room, especially with the ocean, restaurants, and amusement parks close at hand. There’s another key factor to saving on your holiday travel and accommodations: timing.

If you’re having difficulty finding a good deal at a specific time, such as Christmas or New Year’s Day, you can always move your departure time a day or two. If you decide to leave on Sunday or Monday, for example, you may find less-expensive options. You’ll save even more if you take your trip in January. Airlines and hotels begin offering lower prices shortly after the first day of the year.


One more step you can take to get the best deals on holiday travel is to devote some time to comparison shopping. You probably do this with groceries, cars, and many other items. Why not apply your best shopping skills to the search for inexpensive airline tickets and hotel reservations? Thanks to Internet technology, you have access to comparison sites that have done a lot of the searching footwork for you. This is a convenient way to find the lowest prices in those desirable locations.

There are two more key factors to consider when you’re planning holiday travel. The first involves destinations. If you choose a sunny and warm location that is not on the list for a lot of people, you will probably save money. The second thing you should give some serious thought to is travel insurance. You never know when circumstances beyond your control will stop you from moving forward with your plans.

Use these tips to save time, save money, and have peace of mind.