In the real estate business, it can be quite competitive. Agents are always on the lookout for an edge over their competition. One of the potential ways to beat the competition is by hiring an answering service for realtors.

A lot of realtors don’t bother with an answering service. With the age of cellphones and instant contacts via the Internet, it seems strange to have someone else answering a call for you. However, an answering service can greatly help realtors when they’re in the field. Here are a few benefits that you can expect when you hire an answering service:

It Starts with a Phone Call

Most real estate deals start with a simple phone call. A buyer or a seller finds your number on a listing and calls you up – this is when first impressions matter. This is no problem if you’re comfortable in your office and in front of your computer, with all the info that you need.

However, these calls do not always come at the most convenient of times. You may be in the middle of another call or in a meeting. Keeping a potential customer waiting is bad business, especially with a crowded field they can take their business to. An answering service can take these calls and answer them in a professional manner. This can increase your chances of closing the deal.

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More Than Messages

Answering services do not only take messages. A lot of people think that they are just glorified answering machines. However, those days are long gone. Nowadays, they offer more value for your money.

A good answering service is more like a virtual receptionist. They will take your calls and ask questions of the caller. If you gave them specific instructions, they will follow them on how to deal with particular callers. They can also help in scheduling appointments and meetings. If the caller has a concern they cannot handle, they can forward the call directly to you.

The result is that you technically have another employee – but you’re only paying them a few dollars a day.

Expands Your Business

Realtors usually find themselves limited to buying and selling properties. However, with answering services, you may be able to expand your business: they can help you to manage rental properties. As a property manager, you’ll need to always be on-call to deal with emergencies. With the right answering service, this is no trouble. This means you have a potential source of continuous income with their help.