Millions of people around the world face domestic violence day by day. Any person can be a victim of domestic violence, such as a parent, a spouse, a child or an intimate partner. This has become a serious reality today and a lot of people suffering from this domestic violence problem.

Domestic violence forms

Domestic violence can be done in many forms like

  • Physical violence
  • Threats
  • Molestation
  • Controlling behavior
  • Depriving the partner of food or money etc.

Problems faced by the victims

If a person is abused with domestic violence, he or she faces a lot of problems like,

  • The victim often develops anxiety
  • Depression
  • Attempting suicide
  • And some other disorders
  • Back pain
  • Waist pain etc.

In general, if a person is abused domestically, he or she is disturbed both mentally and physically. Most of the people experience panic attacks and they suffer from panic disorders. Some persons of this domestic violence have eating disorders and stop eating because of stress.

Another major impact is, people who face the domestic violence problem and becomes the victims of domestic violence have a low self-esteem. These people often saw abusive behavior in the family. Also, these victims get involved in an abusive relationship and even if they recover from the abuser they get into another abusive relationship. This is a behavioral pattern of most of the domestic violence victims. This is because they know how to live in an abusive relationship. This becomes a reason for some victims to lose their relationship.

It is observed that most of the domestic violence victims are women. Women are mostly abused domestically in the world. Also, some children also suffer from this problem. They see the acts of violence in the family sometimes and they are abused. Women mostly don’t tell their parents about this problem. In most cases, they don’t inform their family that they are abused by someone. This becomes a major reason for problems in women. They feel in-secured and don’t able to handle the relationship. They feel threatened and don’t able to mingle with the family and the relationship.