Camping can be very daunting if you don’t come well prepared. Also, all those bugs and trying to cook a nice meal can be off-putting for most, so here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your camping experience.

Corn Chips for Kindling.
Can’t find your matches or any dry logs? Don’t fear. Corn chips can be lit and they stay alight for a long while. Sadly, this does mean giving up a nice snack but it’s better to be warm!

Duct Tape Emergencies!
You never know when you just might need duct tape in a camping trick so just wrap some around any surface (where it can be removed easily) such as water bottles and you won’t be lacking ever again!

No Matchbox? Use Sandpaper!
Having sandpaper with you can be proven very useful when you lose that matchbox with the lighting strip. Just stick sandpaper to the tin which your matches are in and light it up!

Vacuum Seal those edibles.
This can also be used for anything!Invest in some Magneta Bag Sealers and keep those items clean from bugs and safely stored with less hassle.

Not enough light? Use a water bottle!
Placing a light in direction of a clear water bottle allows the water to diffract the light and disperse it at a larger range which means more light!

Candles on sticks!
Whether you want a romantic setting or just prefer a candlelit ambiance, sticking candles onto long sticks is a great idea as they slot directly into the ground which means no running around for any wax catchers.

First Aid Kit!
Accidents still happen so it’s good to have a first aid kit close by. Reduce the bulkiness by placing all the essential items in a tin, can or jar. This idea can also be used for essential items, or little items that can easily get lost.

Camping Hacks for Nature Lovers.

Mosquito Madness!
We all hate when we’re camping and those pesky bugs won’t leave us alone! While the campfire is hot, place sage on top and it’s a sure fire away to keep those bugs at bay!

Another fire starter hack.
Got any cotton pads or balls lying about? Coat them in a layer of wax before you set off and keep them at hand because these too are perfect for kindling a warm and toasty fire!

Camping Hacks for Nature Lovers.

Happy Camping!